I'm that spark that lights Gil-Estel star

in the sky full of wool


date of birth: 14.02.2020

colour: red & white mottled

sex: female

owner: Agata Wodzińska, Warszawa [PL]

sports: frisbee

weight: too young

height: too young

titles, achievments: too young


CEA/CH ?  |  TNS normal CL normal 

IGS normal  |  MDR1 +/+  |  Teeth: all in, scissor 

HD:  too young  |  ED: too young  |  OCD: too young

Sport results:

it's a puppy! :)

Full  of  wool


fot. Cyntia Zygmuntowicz

Full of Wool FCI

Karolina Prus

Gdańsk, Poland

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