Avia x Noddy

puppies expected around 12-14 Feb 2020

AROUND THE STARS Masterpiece of Armagedogz [PL]

Darleyfalls NODDY SPOTS (ISDS 363780) [UK]


~54cm, ~17kg

Eiri Greme REY x Darleyfalls DERBYSHIROSE

~49cm, ~13kg


colour: red tricolour

sex: female

owner: Karolina Prus, Full of Wool Kennel

sports: frisbee

Gdańsk, Poland

t titles, achievments u


2019'  |   Winter is coming! vol. 2 Gdynia - Time Trial  |  3/30

2019'  |   Latające Psy Gdynia - ThrowNGo  |  10/114

2019'  |   Dog Games Summer - Spaced Out  |  4/24

2018'  |   Winter is coming! Gdynia - Time Trial  |  3/13

2018'  |   Fractal Flyball Cup 2018 - III ogólnopolskie wyścigi psów - Time Trial  |  2/9

2018'  |   Latające Psy Poznań - freestyle  |  2/16

2018'  |   Fractal Flyball Cup 2018 - II ogólnopolskie wyścigi psów - rzut  i chwyt  |  1/17

2018'  |   Fractal Flyball Cup 2018 - II ogólnopolskie wyścigi psów - dartbee  |  3/16

2017'  |   1. Up Dog Challenge Germany - freestyle  |  1/5

2017'  |   1. Up Dog Challenge Germany - frizgility  | 5/26

2016'  |  Latające Psy Sopot FRIZGILITY  |  5/51  |  kwalifikacja do TOP10 Frizgility Masters



2018'  |  NHAT test passed


First litter: ~ B'2016 ~ 7 pups (4 girls, 3 boys) more information here

colour: red & white mottled

sex: male

owner: Sandra Adams, Darleyfalls Kennel

sports: herding, agility










health results


health results

About this litter


about Avia

Avia is a 6 years old bitch. She´s very high drive little bitch with tons of energy, easily motivated with toys, food and just voice. Avia is always 100% ready to work with and can stand pressure without problems. From her dam Avia inherited perfect, obedient character and will to please; she´s very easy to handle, open and joyful all the time. She´s very fast and has very quick retrieving and re-calls, she loves to tugg and to retrieve.


She values more contact with human and doesn´t pay attention to other dogs, but also has no problems with them. Avia is very focused on me and mostly like her mom, she´d do anything to please her handler. About other people - Avia loves them, kids are ok but not so enthusiastic with them like with adults. Outside work she´s calm and completely convenient dog. She doesn´t affraid of thunder and fireworks, but she´s reactive to noise and shows it with her ears.

Our mainly sport is frisbee. We´re starting in freestyle with nice results. Avia has a very good disc tracking and high efficiency. She´s fighter, she wants to catch every disc and she´s growling when something goes wrong (for example she missed the disc) :) Avia could be nice obedience dog, but I´m not a good handler in this sport. She has a beautiful style - always happy, hanging tail, and eyes staring on me. She has highly appreciated social reward. In agility Avia is very sensitive to my body language.

She is a big part of my life and I´m taking her everywhere. She has no problems with huge events, she´s sleeping under the table at restaurants and she loves traveling. You can control her just with voice in every situation and she will respect it. In new situations she's looking confirmation from me and she always asks about my permission.



Breeding Goals


I expect very open, ´´easy to handle´´, social and balanced dogs with a lot of will to please. I wish pups will inherit the best of their parents, and they will have also great predispositions for sports - especially in frisbee & agility. I believe they will be perfect companions in daily life. At the end, I hope they will put something special to new owners´ life and together they will create perfect teams with a lot of love, happiness and fun.

By choosing my kennel you agree for doing x-rays at least of hips, elbows and shoulders before starting a technical training in appropriate age and agree for share the score and screen of x-ray with me, for publishing all (good and bad) health scores on kennel's website and for placing them in databases regarding health of the breed. Besides, I expect from owners responsible raising of pup including socialization, allround focused movement, not overtraining, to not start technical trainings too early. 



Litter dedicated only for experienced and loving homes.


fot. Justyna Przepióra
fot. Justyna Przepióra
fot. Karolina Kiraga
fot. Karolina Kiraga
fot. Tomasz Mońko
fot. Tomasz Mońko
fot. Natalia Żyłowska
fot. Natalia Żyłowska
fot. Michał Lucka
fot. Michał Lucka

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Let's make it official! Finnaly, I have a pleasure to show you my puppy plans for winter 2019/ spring 2020.

I've choosen stunning boy from UK for my Avia and I'm so excited about the second litter. Avia's first litter are growing very well! I'm very proud of these pups, they are 3yo and have first success with their owners. They have nice body structure, good drive, balance and on-off mode.

Noddy is a dog which met my expectations considering health, pedigree, work ethic, lightness of movements and focusing on owner.

I'm in love with his sweet and playful character. There are many pretty talented agility dogs within his family. 

about Noddy


Sandra about Noddy:

Noddy is arguably one of the most handsome border collies , his dark red coat and pretty mottling make him stand out immediately. But Noddy isn’t all about looks ! Flo was dual registered both UK Kennel Club and ISDS and I had always wanted to gain ISDS status back into my line by registering one of my dogs on merit . So at two years old and with lots of careful training from a top trials handler Paul Johnson , Noddy was judged at an open sheepdog trial by two directors from the ISDS . The ISDS subsequently awarded him registration on merit (ROM). This also granted him the SBCHT certificate from the UK Kennel Club , which has proved useful in place of a breeding certificate used in Europe .

I was over the moon !

With that goal complete, it was easy to see that Noddy had the drive , natural talent and the mind for agility . He is currently being ‘produced’ as they say in the horse world by handler Jane Powell and he has trained with many top handlers already over the past few months . Noddy is expected to embark on his next journey on the agility circuit in summer 2020.


HD: A 

ED: 0

OCD: free

CEA DNA normal

TNS DNA normal

CL DNA normal 

MDR1 normal

GG normal

IGS normal

RS normal

SN normal

eyes free (2016, 2019)

BAER: normal hearing from both ears

heart: free from congenital defects

HD: A /B

ED: 0

CEA DNA carrier

TNS DNA normal

CL DNA normal

MDR1 normal

DM normal

MH normal

PLL normal

eyes ECVO free (2018)

avianoddy m2.png

Full  of  wool


fot. Cyntia Zygmuntowicz